First Name :   Omar Mashedy
Country :   Pakistan
Comments :   Beautiful danes and nice website. I really enjoyed surfing the pages. On behalf of Den Delle Giganti, I wish you all the best with your breeding program and success in the ring.
First Name :   Lauri
Country :   USA
Comments :   Love your dogs and website. I live on Long Island and there are no reputable breeders near me. I had owned 2 danes prior and now I am searching for a pup from a good line. Can you help me. Thank you, Lauri
First Name :   Jessica
Country :   US
Comments :   I just wanted to write in and make a comment on the quality of dog that sunrise provides. My family and I purchased a female fawn puppy from Sunrise kennels a little over a year ago. I cannot even begin to tell everyone the joy she has brought us. She is
First Name :   jordan
URL :   
Country :   england
Comments :   good picyures we have 3 great danes called domino, arnold and aruba. aruba is pregnant hopefully!! and all of my friends and family recon we have some of the biggest great danes in great britain, my mum debbie is all ways working and so is my dad so we do
First Name :   Katarzyna
Country :   Poland
Comments :   Very beautiful danes and nice homepage. Best regards Katarzyna from Poland
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